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Originally Posted by KJTrek View Post
Just to be weird, I really did like the Briar Patch effects in Insurrection, and I thought the battle was decent. If you look at First Contact, the effects aren't really all that spectacular, and the landing of the Vulcan vessel is really pathetic if you look at the background and the rendering. Honestly, I don't think that fx are what led to the downfall of Star Trek. Look at Nemesis - it had the best Trek fx to date (maybe minus TMP) and still flopped.
I don't think the change in effects houses contributed to the lower box office either, just that personnally they didn't look as good as FC. The Vulcan ship and the engine coolant at the end of FC are indeed weak spots, but the Borg battle in FC is, to me, much more realistic looking than the battle in Insurrection.
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