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Originally Posted by Frenzy View Post
Oh its a Native Indian name????? They had to go with Crazy horse?? Who names a ship Crazy horse?

Imagine what the Romulans will be thinkin, "Sir, we are being attacked by the Crazy horse....hahahaha"
Crazy Horse was the chief of the Lakota (also a starship name) in the late 19th century. But yeah I wouldn't like my ship to bear the name, seems a bit long winded for a starship name.

As for the insignias I'm not overly bothered either if they stay or go, can see the logic of having them for distinguishing between the different ships and would be interesting to see a different insignia for the Kelvin, but the next several hundred years of starfleet got on ok without them so I'd be fine if all bear the arrowhead.
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