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Default It's official: Cannon Schmannon?

So, is there anyone here, like me, who:
  • Accepts that this is probably going to contradict a lot of existing Star Trek stuff your 52 year-old shut in uncle from Toledo knows all about
  • Realizes it's 2008, and a tentpole movie has to not look like it was filmed on a TV set from the 60s
  • Accepts that, heaven forbid, the Star Trek bridge is going to be different in every film.
  • Is willing to accept a Trek movie taking place in a larger scale? More crew, more realism, more grittyness, more ship, more ROCK OUT WITH YOUR **** OUT POUND FOR POUND MANLY MUSK-SWEAT?!!!!
If so, let's all together say:

"I love Star Trek. I love the stories that have been written. I am also not naive and I realize that this is a Hollywood movie and not some kind of future history written by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and Kofi Annan, and that we should hope and appreciate the content and
over the setting. If it's adventure, teamwork, and friendship, it's Star Trek, regardless of what your shut-in uncle says.

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