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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
It's bad enough that the thing is proposed as being "just like" the classic ship, but what's worse is people are acting like it actually is just like the classic! What?! After how much of what kind of hardcore hallucinogenic drugs does that thing look to anyone "just like" the classic design? So it's got a saucer, a neck, a secondary hull and two nacelles -- so did the Enterprise-D from TNG? Is anybody on hardcore enough crack that they'll say with a straight face the Enterprise-D looked "just like" the classic TOS Enterprise?

Dude will you chill for a second?

A. I agree with you that canon should be respected, seriously look at all my previous posts/ threads if you don't believe me, but

B. The Enterprise was supposed to have gone through at least four refits in it's years of service. I don't see how canon can't accommodate this new design and the others as refits of the ship. I mean we even saw the ships design altered during the run of the original series, The most obvious changes being the warp engines. In some episodes of season two ( a piece of the action) the back ends look like a pasta strainer, with all those little holes, where as in others (The Menagerie) they have the familiar end caps, interior corridors were redone all the damned time, and I'm not even getting into the changes made from the Original "Cage" model.

Is the new design a radical redesign sure. Is it ugly, well that's really a matter of taste, it it so different from the original design or the refit, that you could no longer comfortably call it a Constitution Class Star Ship?

That's up to you as well I guess.
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