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I was introduced to ST at a very impressionable time in my life- I think I was 5 or 6. These childhood memories became very dear to me and became very solidified in my mind. I read all the tech manuals and novels and it became a very real universe to me. I wanted everything to make sense, just as I did in real life. The iconic forms of the landing party equipment became burned into my head and to this day, they remain my favorite toys. From middle school, I would argue with my friends over minutia of plot continuity and various inconsistencies. For me then, anything that deviates from all this is anti-canon. I am not saying that I want to live through the 1960s again but for a franchise to have lasted as long as it has and to have generated a 40 real time earth-year history over 5 TV series and 10 thus far movies, anyone attempting to interact with that history had better respect it. The nacelles and the saucer and the size of the viewscreen on the bridge and the thread count in the uniforms don't mean as much to me as the story, but by that I don't mean the quality of the script as much as the respect for the history that has been set up for us over the past 40 years. What canon means to me is : don't change things that have been set into place and have been so for 4 decades.

So with regard to the 3 inconsistencies mentioned above, I would not even know where to start, nor would I want to because I am having trouble accepting these new facets of the story, though I am far more pissed about point 'B' than 'C'.
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