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Post new ship / life size... kinda

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Church's is ugly. I'm unapologetic. If you feel different, that's your right, but to me Church's anachronistic mishmash does not deserve the name Enterprise.
Yeah to each their own, but I agree with you... the new ship is just.. unbalanced as hell in the mixed styles and badly proportioned scales of parts and that jutting forward engineering section... yuuuck. They did get kinda close... same basic form and shape... I suppose... *sigh*

Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
No. It's a tad smaller than life size. Think aircraft carrier!
Shhhhh, you'll spoil the surprise! ... but yeah, I read about that too... not exactly as impressive as some of the ideas floating about. 'life size enterprise casino' ... uuunnngh... I hope not...
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