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A. Kirk meeting and fighting the Romulans in his academy days when he hadn't even seen them until many years later in "Balance of Terror"
He fought an elite regiment of Romulans who wore ceremonial masks in combat, like Maximus in the Colosseum.

B. Kirk meeting Pike when he was promoted to fleet captain and Spock serving under Pike for 11 years before Kirk took over the Enterprise, when both Kirk and Spock were assigned to the Enterprise as cadets under Pike. (as per the new film)
Kirk: Always had trouble with remembering people, like Demora in GEN.

Spock: Served twice with Pike. No big deal.

C. Kirk forgetting how to drive a car in the years between his childhood in Iowa and the episode "a piece of the action"
The Iotian vehicle was alien technology. He only knew how to drive Earth cars.
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