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Post I Used To Love Star Wars

Heres My Story.

Ahem, grab popcorn folks!

Ok. So, I loved Star Wars, i went to every movie at the theatre. I didn't really care for Trek, asmany. But, my dad forced me to watch it. I sighed, not realizing what i was in for. By the end of the movie, i was upstairs playing Star Trek: Leagacy ( I watched STII) I never watched Star Wars Again. All Star Trek! One night, my dad brought home the Clone Wars. I just went to bed.And Now, i'll get to See Trek In The Theatre For The FIRST TIME EVER!! What does this have to do with the movie?? Before i watched Trek, I Thought It was Geeky Trash! But, After Watching It At Its Best, I Love It (Why Would I be on here if i didn't?)So, if kids would summon up some courage to go see it, every id will adore Trek! It won't be geeky anymore, and i'll be the coolest kid at school. ( at least thats the bright future) The dark future is that everyone will hate me and call me geeky and i'll be thrown into the trash cans. Even my best friend has almost punched me for getting excited about Trek. GO ABRAMS! SAVE ME!

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