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Originally Posted by grup View Post
I think I may have some insight into the 'Vette.

I just realized that in ST-TMP we learned that Kirk had a fondness for antiques. If Kirks father (or Uncle) collected them (one of them obviously did) this could be where it all started. Even the bike could be an antique even though it looks a bit futurisitc. (I remember reading a post grumbling about the motorcycle having wheels).

I tried posting this before my account was activated so I'll post it here.

The use of a '66 'Vette is significant in that ST-TOS aired in '66. The clip shows the speedometer starting out at 66 mph and accelerates through the mph/years up to about '79 when ST-TMP came out.

Then Abrams completely destroys that prisitne 'Vette by plunging it into the ravine! His way of saying that Star Trek is going to be drastically changed? i.e. the OLD is dead.
That's interesting thet you picked up on that. I am torn between the cool symbolism & the reality...

It makes me wonder if delaying the movie was a good idea. It gives us all a chance to really soak up the new direction of the ST franchise. hmmmm.. We'll just have to wait & see.
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