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Originally Posted by MigueldaRican View Post

Pardon me, but that's very superficial. It's all fiction in my book. We're not talking about a real historical fact here. We're talking about fiction.
Thats right, but we are talking about perceived reality, and perceived reality must be maintained in order for any fictional piece to function, that's one of the first things they teach you in writing and for that mater film classes. A character cannot be wearing a blue shirt in one frame and then suddenly be wearing a red one in the next unless some interceding event explains the sudden change in shirt color.

I was simply trying to point out that in the case of LOTR, one fictional interpretation has no direct bearing on the other. They are like two separate universes. The same can not be said for the new Trek film in relation to all the other Trek incarnations that have been.

Perhaps it would have been better if this was a complete reboot ala Quantum of Solace, then us sticklers could have our Trek and a new viewership could have a new Trek and all would be well in Trekdom.
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