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Originally Posted by williamLX View Post
Is she 2 year old with no cable/satellite TV? Difficult not to run into repeats of some version of Trek on TV.

There is a joke that has been around probably as long as Star Trek... "What do humans and Romulans have in common? They both goto Uranus to pick up Klingons" We all know the joke, but I asked most of the staff in my office if they knew what a Romulan was, and most had no clue. I asked why did you laugh? Most had no answer, just laughing at the "butt" joke part, perhaps thinking Klingon ment "Cling-On"... So not EVERYONE knows about ST - perhaps J.J. is on the right track to bring unity to the world of ST. I asked my sister if she knew what a Jedi was, she said "I dunno, isn't that Spock guy a jedi or something?" At least she's heard the name "Spock" but thats it, and she's only 28. I asked my mom if she knew what the Enterprise was, she said "Yeah, its the first space shuttle! - See I know a little about spaceships!" I just laughed, she's 55. There are still all generations who have missed out!

J.J. will educate the world!
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