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Post My Friend Saw The Trek Trailer Last Night

She Said She Loves Star Wars And It Is A Better Trailer, And She Wouldn't Go See The New Movie, Until Now!
I Interviewed Her:

She Says " It Was Good" ( College)

Did It Appeal To You?


Did It Look " Un Geeky? ( Popular Culture)

I looked more like Star Wars. At first, She Thought " Man I Thought They Were Done With Star Wars Movies."

Did It Make You Have The " I Need To See This" INfluence?

Sort Of. My Friend Influenced Me Too ( I Haven't Met Her Freiend, And IAlready Like Her Because She Likes This Movie)

What Did You Think When You Saw The Words Star Trek Pop Up On The Screen?

I Was Disappointed At First, Oh, This Is STAR TREK????
But Then I Started To Like It.

What Did You Think Of The FX And Graphics?

They Were Cool.


Wow, For a person pledgeing To never see it, amazing! ( She Is Going To See It now, Even Though She Admitted It Was A long Wait)


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