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Originally Posted by radoskal View Post
You know your right, there is no point arguing about this, I'm not going to change your view, and only seeing the movie and judging for myself will dispel whatever trepidations I and other (canonites, canonistas, whatever it is you chose to call us) may have. I'm tired of arguing. All the great stories of the world maintain internal plot and character consistency, and that's all I care about.
That's the point I was trying to make! While liberties were taken with canon the internal plot was still maintained. However consistency changed even in LotR. Who took Frodo to Rivendell? How old was Frodo? (an age consistency that rivals that of the whole Kirk age at the time of ship construction) When did Aragorn get his sword back?

Originally Posted by radoskal View Post
Although I wish to point out that LOTR is a bad example, as the core storyline of LOTR is housed in JRR tolkeins books the filmic reinterpretation by Peter Jackson does not really overwrite the internal plot and character consistency of Tolkien's books. However since Trek's main storyline is contained within films and television seri, any aditional material shot and reinterpretation thereof has a direct plot revising impact on whatever came before it.
Pardon me, but that's very superficial. It's all fiction in my book. We're not talking about a real historical fact here. We're talking about fiction.

About character consistency. I learned to play the clarinet when I was in fourth grade. If somehow, someone went back in time and changed it to where I learned clarinet even 4 years later, would that change who I am? It might have changed my development a bit, but I would still be me.

Whether or not Kirk knows how to drive is not what's going to determine whether or not at his core he is still Kirk. Kirk is Kirk because of how he deals with things. The types of choices he makes. This goes for all the characters and story all around. It's still Star Trek whether or not canon was screwed with. Thus far anyway. Again... we won't know until the movie comes out!
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