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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
And as a Star Trek fan, that's something you want to have happen? You're not pulling, instead, for a middle ground, or -- dare I hope -- for something that revitalizes Star Trek without throwing it all away and replacing it with dumbed down popcorn fare for the locker room crowd?
Again, this is just a trailer. And pound for pound, all movie trailers, including Star Trek trailers \/\/hore out the movie's elements that appeal to the mainstream crowd: sexuality, explosions, special effects, suspense.

Given Abrams track record I doubt we're going to get a product that's for the "locker room crowd". We'll get something for everyone really.

This leetism among the Star Trek fans is getting annoying. Star Trek is mainstream. It always has been. Why shouldn't there be more fans? The TOS used the sex sells method at every chance it got. When the movies came out it kept using sex sells and added explosions sell. But underneath all that are thought provoking stories and the theme of space exploration and social commentary on our present life. That's what matters here. Will Abrams still preserve the main ideals and vision of Roddenberry's Star Trek, even if liberties are taken with canon.

Again I say, it didn't stop Peter Jackson.
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