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Originally Posted by Zetseui View Post
…I am going to mention Star Wars as well...their technology in the newer prequels were in a lot of ways superior to the technology in the older movies.…

…I would like to know from long time fans/trekkies/trekkers, whatever you consider yourself, what your thoughts on the subject are….
For me, Star Wars presented a unique story in which, even had the movies been made in story-chronological order, I would have expected the state of the art in episodes IV, V, and VI to look less advanced than that shown in episodes I, II, and III.

History shows us that as a dictatorship or other totalitarian form of governance matures, the ability of science to progress ultimately slows to a halt and in many cases begins to reverse. With a Sith emperor the ilk of Palpatine, whose control was absolute and who ultimately came to rule nearly exclusively through fear and intimidation, it would have been out-of-place to show the state of the art in science and technology in the oppressed Galactic Empire to be advanced beyond that of the free Galactic Republic.

Specifically, I think George Lucas and crew did a fantastic job of retconning the tech in episodes I, II, and III to make them look like “what episodes IV, V, and VI would have looked like had the toys been brand new.”

Personally, I think most in this forum have it backwards. The Enterprise from JJ’s new movie should look more detailed and “sharp” (as several have put it) than the Enterprise from TOS. When technology is new (as with the April-/Pike-era Constitution class), designs tend toward the more functional—more industrial—and only as technology matures (with the passage of twenty years and the beginning of Kirk’s captaincy) do designs begin to take on a simpler, more minimalist, more æsthetically pleasing form.

At any rate, in the Star Trek universe, while Federation members contribute to a common state of the art, each species brings its own advancements and shortcomings, and most importantly its own design ethic. Therefore, I’m willing to accept the design changes in the new movie as evidence of influence at Starfleet R&D shifting between peoples.

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