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Originally Posted by RunSpotRun View Post
I don't think they are supposed to be in Iowa. We don't have areas that flat nor that dry and dusty here. Where are the verdant fields of corn? I think J.T. hijacked Daddy's relic (by that time) Corvette for a joy ride and ran afoul of the law somewhere in the Southwest. The Enterprise, therefore, wasn't built in Iowa - as some posit this shot means.
We're post world war III here remember? In Kirks time, we're post a lot of things. Who knows what environmental damage may have been done in all the years from here to there. Nothwithstanding the fact that just because the corvette has Iowa plates, doesn't necessarily mean it is in Iowa. We drive cars all over this country from every state. I see more different plates at work every day than you can shake an ear of corn at.
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