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Originally Posted by Digginonrand View Post
1. Stress can cause ulcers.
2. Stree can cause diahrea, which is painful and annoying.
3. Star Trek is fiction--GET OVER THE CHANGES PURISTS.
4. Worrying about a Star Trek movie when there is terrorism, starvation, economic problems and other more important things going on in the world is just ignorant.

There you go. I give you 4 reasons.
You know i'm sure there are things your passionate about that some people would consider an ignorant waste of time, but that doesn't stop you from being passionate about them does it. Please don't assume that just because we are passionate about something, (star trek) that we are also ignorant, Thank you.
Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, Track is what athletes run on. Trek is what the Enterprise goes on.

-Free Enterprise
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