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Originally Posted by Kukalaka View Post
With the way some people on this message board act, you'd think Wrath of Khan might have been ruined for them by having new uniforms, the Checkov line, and the genesis device not looking in line with previous tech 'evil computers of the week' from the 1960s!

You guys are cards, though, I love you <3
Actually I as (apparently a canonite) couldn't care less about any of those things...Apearences are not important to me, i'm not balking about the redesign of the enterprise for example. I just think that continuity should be respected as much as it can possibly be because that above all other things preserves the percived realism and consistency of the universe.

I guess i'm a continuityite...

who cares if the lights on the enterprise aren't in the same place, that's not important, but showing me that something is true within the context of a given universe, The romulans being relatively unknown before Balance Of Terror for example, and then telling me that in fact all this time, what I had been believing to be true is not, without any sort of explanation as to why it is not, just rifles my feathers. It undermines my perceived understanding of the world and the way in which events in it unfolded.
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