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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Both are reason why Time trek doesn't work in those episodes.

First Contact didn't consider the paradoxes they were creating.
The episodes of DS9 and Voyager established that they're are time cops out there...but then Voyager flips that idea the bird because they want to do a time travel episode to get Voyager home...

You got to ask yourself If Captain Braxton said NO to Janeway's first request to return them home through time travel then why did they allow it at the end? I don't hate that they didn't explain it...just annoyed.

It doesn't contradict necessarily but it does itch...
Janeway did not use time travel to get the ship physically home gust the technology to get them through the transwarp hub alive. The temporal enforcers that refused to return the ship to the 24th century because it would have altered future events like decimating the borg unimatrix 1 and it probably was a established event admiral Janway getting the ship home via the transwarp hub using future tech. It was their own ship that caused the event with Captain braxton in the twentieth century.

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