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Originally Posted by WildGunsTomcat View Post
Dude, it was never said ANYWHERE that that Enterprise was built in the San Fran fleetyards. They're in ORBIT. They're not ACTUALLY at San Fransisco.

The CONSTITUTION REFIT of NCC-1701 was done at the San Fransisco fleetyards.

So PLAUSIBLY the Enterprise was built in Iowa on the ground. I mean they didn't always have space docks you know.

This is from Wikipedia:

San Francisco Fleet Yards (also known as San Francisco Navy Yards or simply San Francisco Yards) is a Starfleet shipyard located in Earth orbit, with its shore offices probably located in the city of San Francisco. There is also an orbital office complex near the drydocks of the yard. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
The problem I have with building ship on the planet is the ship Is massive and their is now apparent support structure for the warp nacelles and they are the most massive part of any star ship. The constitution class ship is more massive that a Nimitz class aircraft carrier I could see them building them in the water.
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