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Originally Posted by FireDevlin View Post
Oh, and on a side note, I live in the south (grew up in NYC), and Bones never had much of a "southern" accent. It was more Western then anything IMHO (and even then waaay light).

Remember DeForest had played in many westerns and to me that is the tack he took.
Oh I agree. He kinda talked like he was from New Mexico honestly. But there were times when he kinda put on a Southern Accent. I mean look at Star Trek V when he was talking about Tennessee whiskey.

This is from Wikipedia:

Kelley was born in Toccoa, Georgia, the son of Clora (née Casey) and Ernest David Kelley, who was a Baptist minister. Kelley was delivered in their home by his uncle, a prominent local physician. As a child, he sang in the church choir,[1] where he discovered that he enjoyed singing and was good at it. Eventually this led to solos and an appearance on radio station WSB in Atlanta. As a result of his radio work, he won an engagement with Lew Forbes and his orchestra at the Paramount Theater. In one of the Star Trek comic books it was stated that Dr. McCoy's father had been a Baptist preacher, an idea that apparently came from Kelley's own life as the son of a Baptist minister. Kelley had an older brother, Ernest Casey Kelley.

So he was born in Georgia...a true southern man. Sinise was born in I can forgive him for it.

But look at this comparison guys...Holy crap the resemblance is STRIKING...

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