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Default 2 Reasons why Trekkers & Trekkies need to Relax

Hey all!
I have noticed a whole lot of negativity going on after the release of the Trailer and Pics of the Enterprise. I want to give you two good reasons why everyone needs to relax and enjoy the movie!

1. The Nimoy Factor. Ok, we know he is in the film. We know he endorses Abram's vision for the movie. Remember, when the TOS Remastered project was announced, he was against it saying you shouldn't mess with a classic. Well, if he supports the new film it must be really good! AND did you see the latest version of the trailer with a Nemoy? This film will work!

2. The Shatner Factor. Ok, so he's not in the movie as far as we know. However, on the forum is a interview with him on his opinion of the Enterprise and Abram's vision. HE SAYS TO EMBRACE IT!!!

So let's do everyone a favor! Let's wait and watch the movie before we go all freakish on Abrams...BTW, its that freakish fanbased negativity that has landed Star Trek in the laughable fanboy catagory. Instead be glad that we have a film to go see!

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