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Originally Posted by tomcatjosh View Post
I Have A 360 ( LOVE IT!) But, Unfortunitily, No XBOX Live!
Actually, you can use Xbox Live, Josh, it's just that you won't have Gold service. With your current status, I think you can download trailers and videos (I'm not sure).

Gold service costs about 50 bucks per year. There are also 3 month and 1 month subscription options.

But I would recommend a Playstation 3. Online service is free, and that includes videos, and just about all GAMING. Access to the Playstation Network Store is free...and they have a good (and evolving lineup of stuff). The only bad thing about PSN vs 360's Store is that PSN's store is a little behind the 360 in terms of content, but, that's not usually a long I think they update every week, just like 360.

As of this writing, no Star Trek trailer on PSN network. That could change soon though.

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