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I agree with you, but I think the writing team was a lot worse off without him. And let's face it; if any Trek pre-Enterprise should have been gritty, it was Voyager.

* Catastrophic anomaly accident
* Lost with limited energy and provisions
* Some of the crew comprised of criminals (!)

If anything was to strain Gene's bright, cooperative future it was Voyager's setup, and they barely touched on any of those issues. Instead we got fscking Space Nazis (again) and the superpowerful alien quadrant overlords of the week.


I understand Voyager was basically to throw a bone to UPN when it was getting started, right? And since it was a show for network TV, the episodes had to be fairly self-contained to allow for running them in any order in syndication.

That said, by the end of DS9 that was basically thrown to the wind and people loved it. Voyager just got lazy.

It was also a travesty how the neutered the Borg.

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