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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
You know if this was a bad movie...Nimoy wouldn't know...he probably has a small part and many times the actors don't know how the parts come out in the end.
I'll have to disagree based on what co-writer/co-producer Bob Orci said months ago:

1) Orci and Kurtzman asked for Nimoy's approval of the story concept BEFORE they wrote the script.

2) Orci said if Nimoy had not agreed to reprise his role in the film, they could NOT have proceeded with this script. They'd have had to write another story.

3) Nimoy's span in the production schedule lasted several months, roughly from Dec 2007 to perhaps late March or very early April 2008. That's way too long to have only a tiny cameo in this film.

I certainly agree that Nimoy doesn't have a starring role in this film, but given all the above, I expect more of an appearance than just a short scene or two. We'll see soon.

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