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Originally Posted by Frenzy View Post
No Vulcans just did not give any help to Earth, they wanted us to do everything from scratch, they just kept hammering the fact that we are too brutish to become a reasonable space power and gave no help to Earth in becoming one. Basically they wanted Earth to be part of Pax Vulcana [Vulcan vassal] But we had other ideas. It was sad that ENT never tried to show us more of this in S1 and S2, it was much better than that sh!tfest the Temporal War was. Basically Archer showing mankind like Kennedy why man needs to be in Space.

Sigh, why didnt JJ produce ENT
If JJ produced ENT then the crew of the Enterprise would have found a planet with this mysterious island on it. Five or Six seasons later something interesting would happen. Oh and Trip still dies.
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