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Originally Posted by dholleyuk View Post
LOL it is logical to remain silent during the trailers and movie to experience everything without Wooping.
Let me clarify my position on this subject.

If you are watching a movie and the previews come on, you see a preview for a movie a you have been waiting for, go ahead and cheer and clap. To sit there like a child that has been slapped and told to shut up is a bit too reserved.

During the movie, if an event occurs that is really awesome or causes alot of emotion, it is okay to laugh, cry, or even clap a little. Now this type of reaction must NOT be over done and cause interference with other movie goers. DO NOT stand up and cheer, that it too much. Do not remain "whooping" while the movie continues to advance, those things ARE rude.

Cellphones really piss me off. I leave mine in my car, or turned off in pocket. I have told, and will continue to tell the punks in the theater with ringing cellphones to get the hell out, turn it off, or to deal with me after the movie!
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