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Default No Hans Zimmer music, please

If Michael Giaccino's score isn't a grand, epic piece it might fail miserably. I believe it should have a fully orchestral version of the original TOS theme, as well as heart pounding action music in the spirit of his Medal of Honor music (beautiful and rich themes).

I hope that he stays away from synth music in any form (aside from the odd synth noise like Jerry used to do). Synth ruins scores and if it sounds anything like Pirates of the Carribean I'm not buying the album, even if it is Star Trek. That score was a terrible piece of junk.

This score, and the movie have to impress not only the masses, but the critics who are just waiting to write it off as another failed attempt to ressurect the franchise. If it passes the test, we may see a rebirth of Gene's vision and the beginning of a new and axciting chapter in Star Trek.

If it fails, Star Trek, like the Titanic will exist only in our memory. And I sure don't want that to happen.
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