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whoever feels that the star trek fanbase is stagnant hasn't been to any conventions lately. I was at one last year and sure it was mostly geeky boys and girls in their teens/twenties but there were a fair number of kids, some of who couldn't have been more than 7 years old, absolutely crazy about TNG (It warmed my heart) 20 years and its still gaining fans. Lets face it people, Trek is never going to appeal to your pop culture diva or fratboy jock. To make it try to do that is a mistake. Trek has been kept alive by Trek Geeks like us! for 40 years and you know who will continue to keep it alive? Trek geeks like us. Right now there are young people out there who love science who love learning...who are watching Stargate Atlantis and The Sarah Connor Chronicles and what have you, and have never seen an episode of Star Trek in their lives and I almost guarantee you If I sat them down in front of Balance of Terror, or Where No One Has Gone Before.. or a certain story about self sealing stembolts they would be entertained if not compelled, because its in their character.

You loose a lot when you water down a wine so that it appeals to everyone, lets not water down Star Trek please.
Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, Track is what athletes run on. Trek is what the Enterprise goes on.

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