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Originally Posted by T'Aerwynd View Post
Wait, what? Have I missed something?
According to the show, "Enterprise" (The premier) The Vulcans "watched" over the development of the Warp 5 Program. IE, gave us "Emotional, Rash, Humans" advice, and it took almost 90 years from the 1st warp flight until the launch of the Enterprise, with the 1st Warp 5 engine. Heck, Earth ships did not have shields, tractor beams...

If that is not holding us back, then I don't know what is, lol. I can look more up on Memory Alpha, but I think I am pretty sure that was true. So...we went ahead and went out into the Galaxy, but with a Vulcan "Observer", T'Pal. (Hence getting around the fact that Spock was the first Vulcan in StarFleet.)
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