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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
"Your thoughts betray you...."

These ideas are intresting...I'm not sure if they'll occur but time will tell us.
Yes...and I have 3

That is why I posted this, as a possible answer to why. I may be way off here. Oh well...

Another thing: When I mentioned the Evolution of the Enterpise (The new one) from the NX-01, there should be a reason why it looks like it can kick butt. Considering almost a hundred years between ships, with the Vulcans keeping Humans back from advancing, etc. The NX-01 was almost a pure Military looking ship. Small but dangerous looking. It came (The Design) about from humans being in several wars, including WW III.

Then, The Romulan Wars. StarFleet needed (needs) "Heavy" Cruisers...

More on this later..
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