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Just giving this a little thought before I go to sleep, You never know it could be the case that in part the story is told from the point of view of B4 as he trys to assimilate all the infomation that has been uploaded into his primative nerual net from Data.

For the lack of better examples: Rorschach diary snippets at the beginning of some of the chapters in the Watchmen.

The flashbacks from Unification to help the non-affilated understand some of the history, as B4 slowly puts the pieces back into the right order, Whilst going along way to also explaining the "return" of an almost fully function Data post-nemesis for us oldies....

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i can't make out the face in the top left, but for the others I am getting Data, Spock and Picard? Is this right, and if so who is the other face? Nero?
One would assume a non-tattooed Nero?
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