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Cool My Thoughts

Hi all,

Since there are SOO many posts, I thought I would start a new one. I will get my armor on just in case, lol.

Ok. I like the trailer. I am excited that there will be a new movie. When I first heard about the new movie, I wasn't so sure what to think. I read a new feature on New Voyages (now Phase II) about how James Cawley was invited to the set, and how impressed he was, and he said he was pleased by what he hear and saw.

Now...since everyone had a theory on alot of items...I wil start with what I think of some parts of the Trailer.

I will start with the opening. We see a sports car being driven and chased. When the kid jjumps out, the cop asked his name. James Tyberius Kirk. why is trying to crash an antique car? Just for the thrill? Maybe not. I think, and this is just conjecture, that he is about 10-12 years old. IF background is followed, the I am thinking that he just found out that his family was leaving Earth for Tarsus IV.

According to TOS (and Memory Alpha) he was there in 2246. I am guessing he had no choice, and was P'O'd that he had to leave. also, his Father was stil in Startfleet, and his Older Brother being "Better" than him. So, to show his anger, he takes his Father's antique car...

Like I said, just a thought.

When he comes back, after wtinessing the death/execution of 4,000 colonist, he is VERY upset/angry, etc. with very few choices, hence, what people are talking about a scene in a bar, where he meets Captain Pike...drowning his sorrows?

Ok...and, the New Enterprise. As others have said, it looks mean, and like it can kick A very locigal step up from the NX-01.

I am done, for now...let the comments begin!
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