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A point about Kirk and Spock: with these two more than any other of the crew, I expect the story will show the 'creation' of the Kirk and Spock we know from TOS. It won't show them 'fully formed' in their famous personalities, but how they got to become those personalities.

I agree with many: to expect Shatner's Kirk or Nimoy's Spock at this stage of the characters' lives is, in effect, asking for imitations instead of acting.

Of course Quinto's not going to act like Nimoy acts -- but if you think about it, take any one of us and place our 20 year-old selves in a room with our 80 year-old selves and then ask why the two aren't the same personality. They wouldn't be at all because the have totally different life experiences. This would be more exaggerated with Spock, if anyone.

I think it's actually a positive sign that Pine and Quinto aren't delivering the 'finished' Kirk and Spock, because it gives the film(s) room to grow into those characterizations... as the actors grow too.

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