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To be honest, I'm actually looking forward to it *more* when I see that Pine and Quinto aren't trying to mimic Shatner and Nimoy.

Look, Superman Returns was a flop for me because it was Bryan Singer trying to be Richard Donner (literally), and in effect, making Brandon Routh an imitation of Christopher Reeve. It was a great Chris Reeve impersonation, but it immediately made me think about that impersonation, instead of seeing Routh as Kent/Superman.

It didn't work for one second, and only made the effort even more crappy, IMO.

Knowing that it's JJ re-introducing the characters and universe to us with updated looks and new actors automatically means that I would demand the new actors aren't trying to imitate the original's acting characteristics.

I don't want Chris Pine levying stilted-tempo dialogue that reminds me of a slipping transmission because that's what all Shatner impressions sound like, even the great ones, and I certainly don't want to see a feature film that looks like a contest of best previous-actor-in-the-role impersonations.

Besides, as was pointed out earlier, Pine seems to be doing the Shatner Gangster-Lean in the captain's chair, so there's going to be more than enough TOS actor homages (wessels) to go around for every character.

Just don't...have...Chris mock Shatner. It would beee...preposterous.
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