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Originally Posted by Lady Vaako View Post
Seriously... how strong was McCoy's southern accent, really?! Most of the time I have to strain myself and/or really pay attention to pick up on it. Trip on ENT had a southern accent that you could cut through with a knife. But McCoy? Not so much.
In the beginning McCoy had a pretty good Southern accent. Now I will admit that it faded until about Star Trek 5...but I'm starting to look at Urban in a new way.

The guy just doesn't have that "Southern Whiskey Drinking Doctor" feel to him.

I dunno...I'm just scared of this movie. I know it's silly but I'm starting to see things that I didn't see before and they're pissing me off. Nothing about the way the ship looks or transporters or any like that. Just the characters and the way things feel in the trailer...there's NO kinda feel like a navy type vessel. The way it looks to me is like they're all on board a clean and glossy Millennium Falcon and it's every man for himself.

I'm just having second thoughts about this. This isn't the Trek I knew and loved and grew up with. This is something else. BUT...I will wait to see the movie to give my full thumbs up or down.
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