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Interesting review but this part here is somewhat disappointing:

"The negative? Pine is charismatic and fun to watch, but he's not playing Kirk. It's a fun character for sure, but it's not Kirk. Still, I can live with that. The only true concern at this point is Quinto's Spock. From what was shown, it's a weak performance undermined by Nimoy's appearance in different scenes. Besides the physical characteristics, they do not seem like the same character (and even then it's mainly the hair and pointy ears)."

Of course I wasn't expecting those guys to be exactly like Shatner and Nimoy, that would have been sillly. But to say that Pine is not Kirk? Ouch... And people had such great hopes for Quinto's performance.... Although when you think about, those are younger versions of Kirk and Spock so technically their persona should be a little different, IMO.

And then there's the fact that those comments are only based on a few scenes, not the entire movie. So I'll keep hoping for the best.
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