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Originally Posted by Finger Of Doohan View Post
Wasn't McCoy around fifteen years older than Kirk?
Originally Posted by miles3347 View Post
yes and Scottie was like 44 years old in the first season. Now they got McCoy and Kirk going to the academy together. The crew are they supposed to be the same general age in the new movie.
Actually, no.

Scotty was born in 2222, McCoy in 2227, according to multiple sources.

Depending on which source you believe, Kirk was born in 2230 or 2233.

At most, Scotty could only be 10-11 years older than Kirk, or perhaps only 7-8 years older.

McCoy was at max 6 years older than Kirk, at minimum 2-3 years older.

Correct re: Scott being about 44 in the first season of TOS (circa 2266).

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