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Originally Posted by MonsieurHood View Post
The music sounds like it will be very exciting and the sound seems quite well done as well.
Quick point: the music in the trailer is NOT from Michael Giacchino's score for TREK. It's actually from another composer and film all together (as often happens with trailers when the score isn't complete or it's too early to reveal).

Meanwhile, fine idea for a topic, MH!

I'm certainly enjoying all the actors in their roles, from what we've seen. Though it's nearly impossible to get a sense of Yelchin as Chekov yet, though his interview comments have been interesting. Pine looks better suited for Kirk with every reveal, though there's still much to see in action as the character. Quinto, check. Pegg and Urban look most encouraging in taking on difficult roles in TREK lore, and appear to have good takes on their characters.

The effects look very good, as one would expect from ILM. I will be very relieved that TREK will be getting big screen-quality effects again, and while much debate ensues about the E's design, I expect ILM to give it a true sense of scale in 3D space. Also, Abrams et al appear to have carried over that scale to the rest of the production as well.

I like what I see of the Kelvin, though I'm still dubious about Nero's ship (given it appears in glimpses only).

The bridge has grown on me now that I've seen more of the ship -- very different from TOS, to be sure! But also now well integrated into the ship's design, a context which we did not have access to when the first stills appeared.

I'm not 100% sold on anything yet, because I'm still waiting to see much more. While many fans may dislike the differences from TREK before, in the end I expect those differences to be the fuel which allows TREK to avoid extinction and grow in a new direction again.

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