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It's the guy who left the Vulcan Duct Tape on the helm console. He's waiting patiently for them to finish fighting so he can grab it. Maybe that's even what they're fighting over.

Spock: "It's Vulcan duct tape! You wouldn't understand! Even the name is unpronounceable to you, silly human GRRR! ARGH!"
Kirk: "Vulcan duct tape can fix warp engines and make me look like I'm possessed by a frightening alter-ego after I've been stuck under a heat lamp so I'll sweat more! Vulcan duct tape is also the secret ingredient in Emmett Brown's Flux Capacitor! Don't you understand?! Without that Vulcan duct tape, Nero will never be able to go back in time! And if he doesn't go back in time, there's no explanation for any of this! I must... *choke* have... *gasp* that Vulcan duct tape!"
Spock: Hey... you sound a lot more dramatic when I'm choking you. I should do that more often! Wait, no... that'd lead to silly rumors about the nature of our relationship. Maybe we can get something for you to wear... like a girdle. Ya think?"
"Now I did a job -- and got nothin' but trouble since I did it, not to mention more than a few unkind words as regard to my character, so let me make this abundantly clear: I do the job... and then I get paid. Go run your little world."

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