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Default Let's look at the trailer a different way. What do you think is good about it?

We all have plenty of threads to gripe on. Let's ask ourselves what we think is good about it, and positive, and what we like about what we've been shown. And please, no arguments, no negative posts. Like I said before, we've done enough of that already. I like (in no particular order):
The Costumes (The starfleet uniforms are groovy, yes. But the Vulcan civilian dress is particularly good).
The Special Effects.
The shuttles are a nice design and quite similar to the old ones from TOS.
All of the actors look completely comfortable and appropriate in their roles.
The Enterprise crew, definitely looks the part.
They kept the transporter sound effect.
The music sounds like it will be very exciting and the sound seems quite well
done as well.
Karl Urban and Simon Pegg. These guys in particular really seem into their
Zoe Saldana is so bloody good looking, so lithe, so symmetrical and pleasing
to the eye. Absolutely a spellbinding beauty.
The future looks a bit darker and a bit harsher, far more realistic and
believable than before, and best of all, the "darkening" doesn't look
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