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Definitely agree Frenzy, it seems everytime a villain comes up in a new Trek movie they compare him to Khan, 'he'll be that good!', I remember the marketing campaign tried to paint a similar picture of Shinzon. It was pathetic.

The great thing about Khan is he was played as a guy that thought he was doing the right thing, maybe it was the right thing for him, but regardless, he played it honestly. He didn't try to be bad, evil, a villain. He let his action speak for that as we all do. He was a human being and you don't see that in villains very often. He wasn't a mustache twirling villain. Shinzon and his sneer and oily look gave you his top the second he got on screen. But not Khan, just like in space seed, he seduced the audience. It's Richard III, he seduced the audience.

Nero, remains to be seen of course, but he'll be no Khan, I'd bet on that. On the bright side at least he has a good name!

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