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Return to its roots? Star Trek at its roots is best preachy and cerebral in nature. A la Insurrection. Not that it delivered on that front either Movie trek to be successful has to be clever in its approach. Action is a absolute must!! Breathtaking visuals is a MUST!! [I dont care if the constitution looks huge in the movie, that scene was breath taking.] A good villan, Khan is at the best end, Shinzon was an absolute failure. Neither did his chemistry with Picard any good, his villany was obviously laughable. Together with the Scimitar it was out of sync even for Star Trek fans.

Nemesis is an example for failed ideas. In the DVD commentary Spiner said that Braga and Berman brainstormed specific scenes in advance of making a script, which is why we ended with a lame plot. I hope and believe from JJ's record that he wont make those mistakes
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