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Default To Everyone Who Says That Jj Hates Star Trek

I've been reading around a lot of sites about how JJ likes Star Wars over Star Trek, or how JJ hates Trek. I got news for ya: Nicholas Meyer, the director of Star Trek 2 and Star Trek 6. When he was approached to direct Star Trek 2, his immediate reaction was: 'I've never watched Star Trek, I don't even know what it is. It's a guy with pointy ears, yeah?'

Nicholas Meyer knew nothing about Star Trek when he directed Star Trek 2, and what did we get? Undoubedly the best Star Trek film, and one of the greatest Science Fiction films of all time. You don't have to be a Trek fan to make a good Trek movie ok.. In actuality, it seems that non-trek fans should be the prefered directors for Trek movies, as seen by Star Trek 2 and 6. The only really good Trek movies directed by someone involved with Trek was 4 and First Contact. 3,5, and Generations were good, but they weren't revolutiary the way 2 and First Contact was.

JJ will revolutionize Trek, it is guaranteed.

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