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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
I forgot to meantion that i hope to see more of the UFP diversity in this new movie, but NOT at the expense of telling a good story. Showing more aliens just for the sake of showing more aliens would be a mistake, in my opinion. That is why I hope ST:Titan is NEVER made into a series. The crew is TOO diverse. The special effects needed just to show the crew would limit good story telling ability.
One word: BULL****!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine had a ton of characters who were alien, and had make up galore. You loved that series and watched it, and the aliens in it didn't detract from the storytelling; in fact, it enhanched it. So please don't give me that nonsense that too many aliens would spoil the show.

One solution would be to do a prime-time CGI cartoon like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and have Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis do the voices of Riker & Troi. The CGI would be excellent in conveying the multitude of alien races that make up the Titan's crew, and also open up the storytelling possiblites of the show. And just like Clone Wars, a big screen movie would be used to premiere the show and characters. This assumes, of course, that Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis would want to do an animated series, or that CBS Studios/CBS Paramount Television would want to do an animated show based on a book series, let alone do a animated show (they haven't done one at all, unless it's through Nickelodeon.) In fact, Nickleodeon would be the best place to show this series; if not Sci-Fi can do that.

So yes, a Star Trek movie/TV show should have more aliens in it, and Paramount/CBS Studios should be upping the budget in live action movies/TV shows to feature said aliens, or consider animation if that is not feasible financially. It is not impossible; all it takes is a little hard work and smarts.

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