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Originally Posted by mmoore View Post
How about unconditional hate? Someone should start that poll.
Just look at some of the other post and you'll find some unconditional hate is already out there. Some because the lack of Shat.

I personally love the characters and can't wait to see how the cast fills some very big shoes. There is a boatload of talent in this film so my hopes are high.

From what I've seen, the FX will be (and have to be in this day and age) worth the ticket.

There have been other Trek projects that lacked a good story but like some other fans I loved them too ...... Just haven't rewatched them as much as the others.

Even if it is great on all fronts it may not be a blockbuster. I hope it is, so more projects will be the works. I'm getting tired of watching re-runs I already own on disc.
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