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Originally Posted by thypentacle View Post
Yeah I guess I'm starting to agree that the new ship is nice looking... by the time the movie comes out maybe I'll be OK with it... every Trek ship has its charm... even the D, which I liked fine, but in my case that was the first one I saw for the most part, and became interested in... heck even the NX Enterprise was alright, though not correct in form cause it's a different class ship.

This new one grows on ya after a while I GUESS... maybe, perhaps, could be...
You know, the Ent-D actually brings up a very good point, we all know that design that works on TV does not generally translate to film, which is why they blew up the D in Generations. [/font]

I know you have affection for the D as it was your first Enterprise, but man, I grew up on TOS, I saw all 6 TOS films on opening day (yes, at some of them I was even in a uniform) and while the E is truly a badass design the D just looks wrong to me somehow. I still watched (and in later seasons liked) TNG, but the ship always sat wrong with me.

Part of my problem was the Star Warsafacatoin of Trek in TNG I know a lot of you are thinking “WTF?” about that, but bear with me. I am not talking about shallow stories, or really stupid characters, rather the way that the ships moved. The D was the first enterprise that started doing all sorts of crazy maneuvers. Star Ships are supposed to be like Navy Capitol Ships, they are slow to turn at best. When people started taking away the weakness of the ships they became less interesting.

When Kirk was facing off with a Klingon Cruiser, you knew that this was going to be a slugfest, but when the E can cut through borg Ships like a hot knife through butter, it just seams to loose some of the excitement. One rule to follow is ALWAYS make sure that the heroes do not have the upper hand as soon as they do, you take away the drama.
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