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I think that you purists really need to check yourselves. There have been 9 various incarnations of the Enterprise so far if any are not just right it would have to be the one from Enterprise, it was not even the same basic shape. Sure the design in the 60’s was great, and even ahead of it’s time but get a grip people. In the 60’s we no way to make a ship look extremely realistic like we can today, add to that the relative gap between TV and film. The new ship is sleek, badass and looks like the Enterprise in form.

If you really want to whine about Starship design, lets talk about the insanely stupid looking Enterprise-D from TNG. That ship was so top-heavy it was ridiculous, and those warp engines looked like they were designed by the Cartoon Network. Now that was a stupid ship… fricken love boat in space is all it was.
"Space is Disease and Danger wrapped and Darkness and Silence”
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