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Originally Posted by NCC-73515 View Post
One of my friends after seeing the trailer:
"If I wouldn't know that this is Star Trek, then after seeing this trailer I would probably watch it. But I've never liked Star Trek, so I'm not interested."

I guess the marketing campaign has to point out that this will be different
Well, to be fair... Star Trek has earned itself a pretty sorry reputation, especially in recent times, and the rabidity of the fanbase is a large part of what deters people. When someone says they're not interested, and a fan feels compelled to convert them with talk of ideology and hope for the future and a compelling tale of heroism... gives it almost a religious feel, but without the longevity and financial backing that make organised religion a safer option

I've encountered mixed opinions on the new trailer at other the fora I frequent. I didn't start those threads, but they garned a range of reactions. Some people - both fans and non-fans - are interested. Some think it looks cheesy and laughable. One said that it looks worse than the Lost in Space remake from a decade ago, and that it'd look bad as a remake of that remake.

Trek has stigmatized itself pretty badly, and shaking that off will be hard. That's part of why the new movie can't simply mire itself in 'canon', with no content aside from two hours of references to trivia from the other shows and movies. But what made Trek originally popular - the sense of adventure, the heroism, and the idealism - can still be there in force, without detracting from the experience for either new viewers or old fans.

It won't work if it's just a "generic sci-fi movie". The most recent Trek shows and movies were generic sci-fi, and failed to spark public interest. Since this film's meant to revive and reinvigorate the series, then we can only assume/hope that it's going to be both exciting and compelling. Accessible enough for the uninitiated, but still aware of its roots.

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