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Seems to be the same ship from the first trailer in the second trailer... as for if it seems anything like the original E from TOS... I'll just post this text I found on another forum... that I agree with:

"Rachel said,
November 19th, 2008

I tend to prefer SW to ST, and I never much liked the original Enterprise. However, the movie version should have at least looked like it could have been modified into the original version. The proportions on the 1701-2.0 are completely wrong.

This was not supposed to be a new model built as a tribute to the original. It was supposed to be the original, or at least a believable original version of the original. I am sure it will look great on screen, but it won’t look like the Enterprise, and I thought that was the point.

I will still see the movie because I like space movies, but what I really wanted to see was a Star Trek movie.

~ RF"
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